Kings Club Organization (KCO)

Makes People Smile


Introduction Message by King Ali Sandal


Dear Kings,

I am pleased to apprise you in brief about the Kings Club Organization KCO established to serve Humanity without discrimination of caste, color or creed. Our goal is to bring together a wide range of Organizations from International to local levels, to consolidate and strengthen the disarmament and peace efforts of countries, organizations and individuals around the world.

KCO is devoted to provide you all the best resources and information to assist with guidance and assistance in getting resources or support in principle which will help in achieving funding for worthwhile and necessary projects further strengthening sustainable civil societies.

The main focus of our work is Human Rights, Social Development, Education, NGO Networking, Environment, Youth, Health, International Campaign against Aids, Women Empowerment, Media, Democratization, Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Management, Peace Keeping Disarmament and sustainability through development and support of civil society initiatives and goals. Special Note for KCO Members (King) As members, you are the backbone of KCO, which exists because of you. We look forward to hearing from you at any time KCO will remain deeply committed to supporting the ideals of the United Nations, and we will seek all opportunities to facilitate and promote your access to the United Nations deliberative and decision-making processes. We have both as individual organizations and collectively so much to contribute to making a better world, in concert with the essential United Nations. Over the years, many of you have remained in close contact with KCO, and we appreciate your collaboration and participation. For others, I hope to (re)connect and discover new possibilities of relating to KCO.

Regardless of which category you may fall in, we are glad that you are members of KCO, and we thank you for your continued partnership with us, sharing so many of the same ethical and idealistic concerns We look forward to identifying with you new ways of working more closely together.

Our aim is to protect humanity Help and Defense poor and needy people in our society. specially to educate the children,and to make safe and successful Pakistan.

 KCO is a very sincere Club of Sialkot Area.

The mission is to make Pakistan to Rise and Shine by the help and defence of its own K.C.O and surely Allah will help us in this mission as he did help the Quaid !

Ending the effects of disasters and making homelessness and povert minimum 


So After all we are a Non-Profit organization, and then we have just started working on, arranging Funds, and Just helping out the poor

Whenever a KCO gets together, problems get smaller.

"Hope is such a marvellous thing;
It bends, it twists, it sometimes hides....

Hope puts a smile on our face when the heart can not manage.

Hope puts our feet on the path when our eyes cannot see it.

Hope moves us to act when we are confused of the direction."

Keep Hope Alive! Stay Blessed..

 Come FORWARD and HELP because some one need your Support 


KCO Headquarter